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We are fascinated by the fact that how nature plays a very important role in all life and non-life existence. We started PROSOS AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD based in Brisbane Australia aiming at bringing nature’s green garden and health through our products and solutions to add value in life.

1. Our Mission

We aim for a sustainable future to improve green environment through our products and solutions and enhance local environmental quality for present and future generations

2. Our Vision

Our vision is to create green environment and provide greater value in the most efficient & economical means possible for the well-being of both economic and ecological systems.

3. Our People

Customers are our top priority. Our people are always ready to hear from you about your needs, requirements. We always listen to you and work with you. We won’t hesitate to go an extra mile to assist our customers to reach their objectives through our products and services

Meet our team

The Prosos Australasia team members are a group of highly skilled, passionate professionals who are always ready to listen to your needs and requirement. We always work with you in creating and retaining the highest standards expected to compliment our high product and service qualities and value for money.

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Ravi Upamanyu
Principal Consultant

Passionate, experienced, practical solution thinker for all your needs.

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Quality fast service on all enquiries.


Actively present at many public events and conferences.

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Affordable prices with no compromise in the quality.

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Widely recognised product in the Australian Market.

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Updated with the present modern technologies and the current expanding needs.

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Available at your convenience and request.