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OZPEAT - Best cocopeat

I first heard about coco peat blocks in Nov 2017 and was intrigued, subsequently did a great deal of my own research and found my way to Ravi's Ozpeat product in the process. I've now been using the Ozpeat blocks for 2 1/2 months. And yes, this is a product that has the gardener in me genuinely excited. Water will be an extra-precious resource. Using the Ozpeat blocks has meant I've been able to cut right back on watering, even during the heat of the Qld Summer, and so you can bet I'll be continuing to use this wonderful product after my move to the bush.




We bought OZPEAT coco peat for our flowers on the balcony and are truely impressed. After a month of using it they look really beautiful and we don't have to water them as much as before because of the great water retention of the product. And it is really compact to store, when needed just add water till it grows to the amount you need.



Value for money

I purchased 5 blocks of OZPEAT coco peat from Ravi and I must state that I was very happy with the quality of the product. The compressed coco peat expanded to about three to four times the original size adding water. I used the coco peat in my extra-large pots and I am impressed with how coco peat retains water thus keeping my grafted fruit trees well-watered. The nutrients from the coco peat must be feeding my trees as the leaves are green and shiny. I recommend this product as it is a good value for money yet organically rich potting mix.



Best Product and Impressive

At Fairhill we changed to using coir peat as our potting mix many years ago after trials with pine bark based mix showed profound improvements in the quality and speed of our plants. 2 years ago we were introduced to Ravi and their product OZPEAT. We found their product to be much cleaner, less tangles of fiber and no noticeable foreign substances like sand or rocks. Hydrated more rapidly using a lot less water.
And easier to handle with not as many hard clumps of coir making it ready to use without the need to turn it over after hydration. Come in and buy a bag of our potting mix and trial it against the mix that you are using. You'll be impressed.

Nick Hansa

Fairhill Native Plants and Botanic Garden

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